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Our Staff

I have been working in Early Childhood Education for over 19 years, most of which has been at Barbara’s Place. I’m passionate about teaching, mentoring and caring for each child as if they were one of my own. It is my belief that all children should be treated equally and that their cultural diversity and individual interests should be embraced and celebrated
Mina Azimi
Qualified Teacher
I strongly believe in respectful relationships, and in viewing each child as an individual with their own unique strengths and interests. From my cultural and structural background, I have realised the value and meaning that children gain through their play as they develop different knowledge, skills, creativity and experiences. As a teacher I believe I am there to support and help when it is needed, to walk with the child through this part of their life journey, and most importantly to have fun
Vivian Yang
Qualified Teacher
I believe that each child’s individual qualities and culture should be expressed and valued, as this is who they are. I feel that trusting, secure relationships are the foundation of learning, and it is through these relationships that children gain the sense of wellbeing and belonging necessary for them to freely explore their world. I see infants and older children as highly capable and competent individuals.
Saritha Kumar
Qualified Teacher
I believe that children have so much to teach us. They are constantly learning through everything they do. They are seeking new information through their play as they actively explore, experiment and create. I love watching and being engaged with them through these processes, as they learn, achieve new things and explore their environment

Laura Keenan
Qualified Teacher
Ni Hao, My name is Julia, I am one of the qualified reliever teacher here at Barbara’s Place. I have a graduate diploma in early childhood education teaching. I have a passion for people, both children and adults, I love learning and exploring alongside others in fun and meaningful ways. I believe children learn at their best when they are accepted for who they are as an individual, so it is important in my teaching that all children are treated equally and respectfully.
Julia Hung
Ni Hao! I am Anna, I am a qualified teacher as well as the administrator here at Barbara’s Place. I have been working in a childcare centre from a very young age and helping out at after school care. I believe in developing children’s potential through a stimulating, exciting and collaborative learning environment. I value the individuality of each child and the contribution they make to our centre. I look forward to meeting and welcoming your family to our centre and being a part of your child’s learning journey
Anna Chiu
Admin & Qualified Teacher
I was 13 when I came to NZ from Korea speaking both English and Korean, I can support children who are from Korea and while contributing my own experiences in living in a multicultural environment. I believe that children’s achievements, curiosity and exploration should be respected and appreciated. I consider it is my role as an early childhood educator to respond genuinely to children’s interests, strengths and their own
Mina Kang
Qualified Teacher
Barbara's Place has been a fun and loving safe haven for both our boys for five years. The teacher’s help the children build confidence and extend their interests. For us that has meant lots of building and climbing and imaginative play.
Yoo Jung Yun
Permanent Teacher

127 Remuera Road, Auckland, New Zealand


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